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April Autism Acceptance Month

 April is Autism Acceptance Month. 

So what does that mean for our sweet boy who has non speaking autism. 

It means that every year around this time everyone tries their best to raise awareness for Autism in hopes that one day our kids will be fully accepted. 

Over the past 7 years of my son’s life I have learned that acceptance doesn’t come easy and it takes years to obtain it. 

Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth. 

Is easy for people to say “oh yea I accept kids with autism”

But do they really? 

Because I still see parents pulling their kids away as my child walks in the playground making loud noises and jumping of excitement. I see your stares at the store when my big 7 year old still rides on a grocery cart because if he didn’t I probably wouldn’t be able to shop. I see you at the restaurant staring at me still feeding my big kid. I see your children the ones that you say you teach kindness too move away as my child tries to approach them ignoring him like he didn’t exist. 

Where is the acceptance then?

 As a parent of a child with autism I can honestly say it is in these circumstances that we need the most acceptance. We need you to see past the Autism label and see our child as a human being.