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Emmett back in 2018

Emmett’s Services Services,Therapies, & School.  ABA Therapy   Emmett has been receiving ABA therapy from A Change in Traject...

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Emmett back in 2018

Emmett’s Services
Services,Therapies, & School. 

ABA Therapy
 Emmett has been receiving ABA therapy from A Change in Trajectory (ACT) for about 3 years now. He began ABA therapy when he was 18 months old, at that time Emmett wasn't walking yet. Emmett is currently 4 years old 10 months old. ABA has done wonders for Emmett our ABA company has become family to us. They know Emmett very well and are always working hard to find ways to better teach him in ways that Emmett can learn. They are also assisting us in Potty training him.
How many hours of ABA therapy does Emmett receive?
Emmett is receiving 15 hours a week of ABA therapy we were receiving more but due to Emmett starting a new program we reduce the amount of hours to better accommodate his schedule. We also included a Saturday Session. All of Emmett’s ABA therapy is done at Home. 
Does Emmett like ABA?
Emmett enjoys a routine an ABA has become part of his routine he enjoys working with the Behavioral Instructors(BI)s. Sometimes Emmett does get lazy but most of the time the BIs find ways to get him to do interact and work on his program.

Emmett attends The Talk Team for 1 hour per week where he is currently working on using his AAC device and learning how to communicate through his device and play skills.
Emmett was receiving speech at the Children's Hospital. He  finished his 10 week sessions and we decided to find a different speech therapist that supported assistive technology and met Emmett's areas of need.
We are also receiving speech through the UC Davis Mind Institute Research Study called The FX Learn Study. Study consist of a Parent Intervention (PILI) with a Speech Pathologists on a weekly basis. Where the parent is trained to work with child using Speech therapy techniques. Program is very intensive and requires  homework videos of parent working with child, as well as weekly video calls with assigned Speech pathologist.  

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Therapy
Emmett is receiving equine assisted therapy through Path to Hope (Therapeutic Riding Center) he does one session a week for one hour. Emmett has made an incredible amount of progress. He is riding and he is loving it. Emmett is now doing 15 minute riding session. He loves the farm setting. He is leaving his helmet on. Helmet on head was a huge issue for him when we started he worked on leaving it on step by step. Thanks to his incredible teacher Gabby he is able to ride with his helmet on for the entire session. 

Occupational Therapy (OT)
Emmett is back to OT. The waitlist has finally lifted he is getting assessed on Friday January 31st 2020 we are hoping to start up again after being off OT for a year in the next few months. We are hopeful the waitlist is not that long.

Homeschool Preschool

Emmett does a homeschool preschool with mom. We decided to homeschool after having several IEPs with our school district. The program they were offering Emmett limited his abilities and they were refusing to offer a different placement for him. The program did not include  inclusion of any type. The school district wanted to segregate him a center for kids with severe disabilities. Where there was clearly no inclusion and they were going to focus on basic life skills. We are offering a more inclusive option at home. 

Physical Therapy
Emmett  was referred for PT and is getting assessed for services in March 2020 we are hoping the waitlist to began services won't be so long. 
Other Services
-We receive services with our local regional center which include Respite Care.
-UC Davis Mind Institute, we see Dr. Randi Hagerman  3-6 months for help, medications, and latest news in regard to Emmett’s Fragile X Syndrome. 
- Emmett is also taking part in research studies at the Mind Institute.

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