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Homeschooling with a twist of joy.

 Homeschooling was never something I envision myself doing. Last year when we decided to embark this new journey I thought that it was a short term kidda thing. Now that we are going on year two I find myself realizing that our homeschooling journey will consist of a lifelong journey. 

So how is homeschooling going? I often gets asked this. Honestly is going great. I love spending time with my kids. I enjoy looking up curriculum ideas and feeling in complete control of my kids teachings. I currently homeschool Emmett who is in1st grader, and a Amaya is in 5th grader. 

I love learning along side of them. I have learned more about the United States geography in the past 2 weeks than I ever learned in my lifetime in the public education system. Amaya has a love of learning that I treasure so much. 

I asked Amaya if she wanted to continue homeschooling this year and she immediately said yes! I have always been transparent with Amaya and I let her know that going back to school is always an option for her. Right now she wants to homeschool so that is what we are doing.

On the other hand, Emmett does not share the same joy for learning as Amaya. He loves to do things on his own terms. Emmett enjoys the freedom of homeschooling a bit to much and he is the king of not wanting to do things. It takes a lot of creativity on my part and research to get him to participate. 

I have learned a few things in the past year of homeschooling two kids that are the complete opposite of each other. 

I learned that

You need a whole lot of patience.

You do not need to know shit.

You do not need to stick with one curriculum.

Their are so many curriculum choices.

Do what works for your family. 

You will doubt yourself and your decision to homeschool at least once a week. 

Homeschooling is hard work and it takes dedication. 

Take days off. 

Have fun I mean it. 

Play with your kids, smile at them, have lots of cuddle times. 

My kids love cuddling on the bed and doing some reading in the comfort of mommy's arms. 

Their is no greater joy than spending time with your children, and to see the spark of joy on their eyes as they learn something new.