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Welcome Back Update

It has been a while since I wrote anything.
Primarily because this last year has been a crazy, and hectic. Right?
We have bought and move to our new home, a new town, and of course COVID19all happen at the same time.
But as our life's get back to some normalcy I'm feeling better and I am feeling motivated.
I want to share it all with you guys my loyal followers.
Today I logged back into the blog to my surprise I check the STATs and you all still checking out the blog. It made me a bit sad to have left it this long and to not have kept up with it. My dearest apologies. 

This year our family made the decision to homeschool both Emmett and Amaya. 
Emmett is now finishing up Kindergarten and Amaya is finishing up fourth grade.
I am so excited to share our homeschool journey with you all. 
I have spent the last year figuring out the best way to teach our kids at home.
As we finish this year I find myself feeling so accomplished.
I have learned so much in the last year teaching my kids. I have learned what works and what does not. 
Our family has decided to continue our homeschool journey and the kids are very excited to have mommy as a teacher this upcoming year. 

Welcome Back!! Love always Erika